Sunday, 31 July 2016

Another hero coming from Nandamuri Family, he is Nandamuri Mokshagna. We all are know about Mokshagna coming to movies, but when??????

Nandamuri Balakrishna already announced officillay about Mokshgna will come to telugu screen in next year.After this announcement NBK Listen the somany stories and talk with many directors.As per film nagar Gossipps after NBK's Observation he almost confirmed Trivikram Srinivas for director his son first movie.Nandamuri Mokshagna first film with Matala Manthrikudu Trivikram Srinivas direction.

Good New for Nandamuri Fans, Mokshagna Movie Updates

As of now Nandamuri Balakrishna didn't announced officially about this news. May be Balakrishna will give official statement soon.

Matala Mathrikudu Trivikram Srinivas Moive, Minimum Guarantee movie.We all are know that.Nandamuri Fans also very happy about this combination.But as of now any official news not declared from Nandamuri Family.Nandamuri Mokshagna working as assistant director for NBK's 100th Movie "Gowthami putra Sathakarni".

And one more latest news about Mokshagna, as per film nagar gossips Nandamuri Mokshagna playing a small role in "Gowthami putra sathakrini".
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