Tuesday, 7 June 2016

Chipmaker MediaTek is set to add more juice to your smartphones. The company has launched the Pump Express 3.0 solution for its new processors that will enable users to charge their handsets from 0 to 70 percent in only 20 minutes!
MediaTek claims the Pump Express 3.0 is the fastest battery charging technology for smartphones to date. It will charge a battery in nearly half the time taken by current competing solutions.
No more waiting for hours for your smartphone to get charged, that is, if it's powered by the upcoming MediaTek processors. If you charge your phone for 5 minutes, that essentially translates to talking on the phone for 4 hours on 3G, according to the chipmaker.

MediaTek unveils its latest fast-charging solution, Pump Express 3.0

"The engineering challenge in the smartphone world today is satisfying consumer demand for powerful, rich multimedia features without needing to plug in their phones all day long. Our technology lets consumers power up quickly to stay connected, on the go and using their favorite applications whether for work or play instead of tethered to an outlet," noted Jeffrey Ju, COO and EVP of MediaTek.
Pump Express 3.0 is set to become available by the end of 2016, and the technology will be available on the Helio P20 chipset from the company, as well as future MediaTek processors.
The Tawain-based company, however, is not the only one offering fast-charging solutions. Rival Qualcomm also has Quick Charge 3.0, which the company claims charges the battery to 80 percent in just 35 minutes. OEM Oppo, too, is not far behind in the race, having a quick charging technology to its credit, which the company asserts is able to completely charge its handsets in 15 minutes.
MediaTek's solution, however, deploys USB Type-C charging technology, which it claims is the first to allow users to directly charge a handset's battery. This system essentially evades the charging circuitry inside the phone, which as a direct result does not end up overheating the handset while it is being charged.
"We know overheating is a big concern. With Pump Express 3.0, power dissipation is cut by more than 50% since our previous version. You never have to worry about your phone getting too hot during charging," says MediaTek.
Those who are worried that the Pump Express 3.0 fast charging solution could potentially damage the smartphone's battery — perhaps blow it up — can rest easy. The company deploys over 20 safeguard mechanisms to avoid such hazards. These mechanisms include adjusting voltage and monitoring temperature to offer an optimum charging experience.
With Pump Express 3.0-powered MediaTek chipsets poised to power smartphones by the end of this year, consumers will have much to look forward to, while competitors will have much to watch out for
- See more at: http://www.techtimes.com/articles/163243/20160607/mediatek-introduces-pump-express-3-0-charges-smartphones-from-0-to-70-percent-in-just-20-minutes.htm#sthash.l5ilkcw2.dpuf
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