Tuesday, 12 January 2016

NOKIA “Connecting People”. NOKIA interducing the new version of Android Smart Phones shortly. So recently Microsoft buy the Nokia business. So Nokia preparing the I Phone 6S, HTC like smart phones and features, Slim and advanced features.

Actally Nokia CEO Mr.Suri said we will put the smart phones in market with android on end of 2015. Unfortunately its not done. So they said recently Nokia Trying to introduce the Smart Phones with GOOGLE ANDROID OS.

At the same time Nokia for mobiles manufacturing merged the company's of Aalhatel-Lucent.
So Nokia will be back with advanced Smart Phones and Advanced Features

First Nokia only interduced the Window smart phones. But some reasons Windows phones sales was not good , Other companys smart phones like SAMSUNG CELKON MICROMAX these companys Smart phones sales was increased.

We all are know how much trusted brand nokia. We all are used Nokia1600, 1100. Once upon a time phone is Nokia Nokia is Phone. Nokia actually from Finland, its founded in 1865.
Nokia is headquartered in Espoo, Uusimaa, in the greater Helsinki metropolitan area.

After smart phone entry nokia tie up with windows and interduce the windows phones. Nokia only selling the windows phone in market. Other companys are selling on Android version phones only.
So android well click OS, So nokia also trying to put the Android Smart Phones in to the Market Shortly
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